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The Festival of Diwali is really worth seeing. The atmosphere is so pure n positive in temple as the goddess showers her blessing itself on the devotees. During Diwali the whole temple and surrounding area is decorated and illuminated with colorful lighting from all corners of the temple.

And New year day as per vikram Savant Hindu Calendar Year, the Besatu Varsh festival celebration from Kartik Sud Akam to Kartik sud Labha Pacham.

These five days of every New Year a large number of devotees come to mandir, in order to take the blessing from Mataji for there Happiness, & Prosperity for the whole year in there life and business also. They perform Nav Chandi Yagna and offer Rajbhog on those days and take prashad and thus devotees start their new year with Maa Tulja Bhavani’s Blessings.


The meaning of Asho Astmi is blessing of Mataji to Earth and human beings. And it is the festival to offer thanks giving in return to Mataji. On Astmi in Ranu there is mela and devotees celebrate festival on this auspicious day. This day is celebrated as the Birth day of Mataji.

The Maharaja Gaikwad’s ornaments are offered to Maa Tulja Bhavani and devotees arrange Nav chandi Yagna on this day. Mandir is decorated and illuminated with colorful lights, and Mataji is Offered with different kinds of Foods, Fruits and Pakvan and Prasad is distributed to all the devotees and the poor people. The surroundings area of mandir is also nicely illuminated with lights. There is a mela on that day in village and all devotees celebrate with lots of happiness.

On that day devotees arrange Bhavai and Bhajans also in evening and Celebrate Maa Tulja Bhavani’s Birthday with joy.