A nine hundred years old temple (mandir) of pure love and affection is situated in a remote village called “Ranu” 28 km from Baroda(Vadodara) is a place to attain and obtain absolute peace and Happiness. The Goddess is called “TULJA MAA” is of Absolute Happiness and the normal belief is that she gives Love, Compassion, Justice and peace she can very well described as


TULJA MAA never speaks but continuously Transmits and Propagates Compassion and Kindness. She ensure that devotees to have Darshan and obtain absolute SEE-STRAIGHT ENLIGHTMENT EMISSION to overcome sorrows, miseries and consolidate thoughts to achieve desire wishes and requirements if any.

Traditionally as per custom, different methods are to be followed in sequence and properly performed regularly of periodically in order to worship Goddess.

Here in Ranu, the MAA TULJA never insists to follow rituals regularly and methodically. On the contrary She allows the devotees to perform rituals in relaxed and convenient way as one desires. It is totally dependent on worshipper and his commitment to perform the ritual at ease and convenience to obtain peace and solaceness.

The temple is located in serene surroundings and the atmosphere around the campus is calm, quiet and peaceful. A big pond is at the rear side of the temple. An ancient story as per existing evidences and beliefs is as follows.

Saint VISWAMBHARJI MAHARAJ (founder of the temple) meditated here seven hundred years ago worshipped the almighty as Nirakaara (no physical identification) which is till today considered to be the supreme way of worshipping the almighty as per the Upanishads (Abstracts of Vedas ) and sastras (Theories to worship).

In order to bless the mankind who are illiterate and ordinary human beings who are unknown of Upanishads and sastras, Goddess appeared in dream of Viswambharji Maharaj to search for her in the water pond in saakara as idol form. He then was blessed with idol which till date graces the devotees and gives Darshan to many was installed. Again Viswambharji maharaj installed a SHREE YANTRA (a geometrical figure consisting of squares, circles, lotus petals and triangles) drawn on a silver plate as per sastras. The SHREE YANTRA is considered to be perfect way of worshipping the goddess in between the saakara worship and Nirakaara worship. The saint also performed Havan and an Akhand dhuni (sacred fire initiated at that time that is seven hundred years ago) still exists in temple surrounding and being protected till date. An incarnation of Lord Shiva called Siddheswar Mahadev is also seen in sanctorium at the left side of TULJA MAA. It is requested to visit the temple to get individual experiences of the Goddess, atmosphere, environment and surroundings and have the blessings of TULJA MAA.


Seven hundred years ago Saint Shree Vishwambhargiriji Maharaj stayed at Tuljapur in Maharastra. He was true devotee of Maa Tulja Bhavani. One day he Pray to Maa that u made your Dham in South but Maa what about north? Devotees having lots of trouble to reach here for your darshan.

Maa listen his prayer and one night Maa came in his dream and said him that I am with u in your Akhand Jyot. U go where people facing water problem, and fulfill their requirement of water by digging ponds and cherish there life. And u will find me while digging the Pond at one of the place.

As per the year of Indian Hindu calendar vikram samvat One thousand three hundred sixty three and the day was Sunday durgastmi Saint Shree Vishwambharji Maharaj reached at Ranu with his Akhand Jyot.

In order to bless the mankind who are illiterate and ordinary human beings who are unknown of Upanishads and Sastras, as Maa said to Saint Shree Vishwambharji Maharaj to search for her in one of the pond in saakara as idol form. Saint Shree Vishwambharji Maharaj Start Akand Dhuna with Akhand Chit. And finds a saakara Maa’s idol in one of the pond at Ranu.

Visit of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagvan at Shree Tulja Mataji Mandir

Before 200 hundred years ago Shri Swaminarayan Bhagvan and his followers visited Ranu for the blessing of Maata Ji. He had a bath in Maan Sarovar from which Maataji’s idol was found and also did seva, pooja, and aarti. He was very much satisfied by blessing of Maa and told his followers that “Shiv and Shakti are one. There is nothing without Shakti. So who every will do pooja of Maa Tulja over here he will also get a blessing of mine too.”

At that time Mahant Shree Prabhatgiriji Maharaj and Shri Swaminarayan Bhagvan both had satsang at Ranu in the temple of Maa Tulja Bhavani. Shree Swaminarayan Bhagvan impress with Saint Shree Prabhatgiriji Maharaja’s bhakti and devotion towards Maa.

Shree Swaminarayan Bhagavan Gifted his own “Shal”(Gaudadi) to Mahant Shree Prabhatgiriji Maharaj at Village Dabhan During his Satsang, till date the “Shal”(Gaudadi) is available for darshan for the devotees in temple.


This lintel certainly goes back at least to 11th – 12th century and could be a part of the original temple.The image in the present temple though is smeared heavily with scarlet paste appears to be a late Chalukyan image.Ranu and Ranu pipri are archeologically known sites and a beautiful image of Surya which is in the collection of EME,Baroda today, dating back to 10th century also comes from this vicinity.